gtkmonop - a gtk+ monopd client

28 October 2001: gtkmonop/libgmonopd 0.3.0 released!
They're finally out the door. Check out the sourceforge project pages [ gtkmonop | libgmonopd ] or just grab the release in your format of choice from the list below.

25 October 2001: libgmonopd
I've turned gmonopd into a library that can be loaded into gtkmonop - this means that you can now start/stop servers from within gtkmonop itself. The 'client' UI is being worked over a bit (making buttons unavailable to the user when they don't make sense, etc). I'm going to get libgmonopd into a CVS tree today or tomorrow.

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Download latest gtkmonop (0.3.0): [ tar/gz | tar/bz2 | i386 deb | i386 rpm | source rpm ]
Download latest libgmonopd (0.3.0): [ tar/gz | tar/bz2 | i386 deb | i386 rpm | source rpm ]

What's gtkmonop? gtkmonop is the gtk+ monopoly simulator, d'uh. It uses the kmonop/monopd protocol, which is XML based, generally undesirable IMO, but better than writing by own daemon. ^_^

gtkmonop is written in C, originally using GLADE for the interface. GLADE is cool and all, but the UI code has since been rewritten by hand. The networking code was inspired by gtetrinet, as were the methodologies on chatboxes, &c.

gtkmonop is released under the GNU General Public License.

Where can I get it? Check out the Sourceforge project page.

Browse our CVS repository. Updated Vaguely Often.

To download the CVS tree, do a

cvs login
cvs -z3 co gtkmonop

You'll need libxml2 and libgtk1.2. (apt-get install their -dev packages for you smart debian loving cookies out there.) gtkmonop does not require GNOME.

As of 0.3.0, gtkmonop required libgmonopd to rum.

Can I see it in action? There may be a screenshot of gtkmonop (among other things) here.
Can I help? Please do. Send me an e-mail, or leave me a message with memoserv on to 'odinhuntr'. I hang out in #slashdot sometimes too.
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