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24 October 2001: Gearing up for 0.3.0...
Scaling/resizing works (and looks really nice), and I've been working on completing the faster-and-better-than-monopd gmonopd (a rewrite of monopd in C). The default theme's almost done - I've got to fill in go-to-jail, tax, and jail and it'll be good to go. 0.3.0'll be out Real Soon Now, with any luck at all.

31 August 2001: Theme support available in CVS
Any aspiring theme authors check out the
themes/default directory, crank out some new
.pngs, and e-mail it to me ;-)

03 August 2001: gtkmonop 0.2.0 released!
Grab the release from Sourceforge:
i386 deb
i386 rpm
source rpm

gtkmonop 0.2 is imminent.
and I command you to download the CVS tree and send me bug reports. Lotsa new cool stuff. The debs are up to date as well.

gtkmonop debs available via APT!
add the following line to your sources.list:
deb http://fishninja.com/debian ./
and do a
apt-get update && apt-get install gtkmonop .

gtkmonop 0.2-pre RPM released!
You can get it(them, eventually, i guess) from Sourceforge.

gtkmonop 0.2-pre debs released!
You can get them from Sourceforge.

gtkmonop 0.1 released!
Grab the release from Sourceforge in tar/gz or in tar/bz2 format!

Erik Bourget
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